In the 1960's, the Adamson's started farming tomatoes for the Campbell's Soup Company. Each summer they would plant over 100,000 tomato plants, which were then boxed and hauled to Chicago or Dekalb. They continued farming for Campbell's for about 10 years before deciding to convert to a 'U-Pick' farm. Ads were placed in the local paper to inform the community which produce was available. As Andrew reached an older age, the 'U-Pick' was discontinued and the farmland was leased to a neighbor.  ​​​

Adamson Family Farm | 3368 N Boone School Rd, Caledonia, Illinois 61011, United States | (815)981-0050

About the Farm

In 2013, the family decided to restore the farm to its former glory: the vibrant oasis they fell in love with as kids. It started with a ½ acre market garden in 2014 on land that had sat idle for years. This was the perfect choice to begin applying organic methods. In 2016 the garden was expanded to include a 2.5 acre side field. The family now plans to convert the remaining acreage over time with organic, sustainable farming principles, leaving it all a little better than they found it.

Andrew and Mae Adamson purchased their dream farm in 1955. Originally 160 acres, the homestead included 40 acres on the north side of the road with an additional 120 acres to the south. Together they raised four children and countless cows, pigs, chickens and sheep. As with most American farms, the Adamson Family Farm has had its transformations over the years.